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This is awa


Almost 200 years ago sailors discovered the qualities of the water under Riverhead. They sailed to the end of the Waitemata Harbour to fill their ships with the very best drinking water. Now you too, can enjoy the high pH alkaline water aotearoa.



Living Water

Even with our amazing purification process it is still important to keep awa out of direct sunlight to remove any chance of sun damage.


Why Red?

The red in the awa label is inspired by the red hot magma which erupted thousands of years ago. It is thanks to this volcanic activity that our artesian water contains the mininerals that make it so unique.


Kiwis For Kiwi

As a New Zealand owned and operated business we believe in giving back. We support Kiwis for Kiwi by donating a portion of sales from every refill.


Richard Macdonald.




This is WATER 



After 12 months of trials with both UV and Ozone we found our special, ancient, awa is most suited to purification by silver ionization. In addition to this, every cube is steam cleaned to 60.C using our German engineered Karcher machine. For more information on the process click here.

BPA free

Our 20 litre cubes are made locally and are proudly BPA free. This means they won't contain the harmful chemicals found in other plastics. 


Given awa is produced locally, we have one of the smallest carbon footprints. It is only available from huckleberry using the sustainable Swap-A-Bottle model, or poured from awa 20 litre cubes at Goodfor stores.


Awa is bottled at source from an isolated Ararimu Valley property with the bore depth of 221 metres, established since 1987.


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